• 90+ Landowner Client Relationships
  • Over 80,000 acres of managed land
  • Over 35,000 acres of Cropland
  • Over 15,000 acres of Grazing Acres
  • Over 1,500 CRP Acres
  • 165+ Tenant Relationships

At The Peoples Bank Trust Department, our Farm & Ranch Management team provides invaluable assistance to landowners who no longer operate their agricultural land by relieving them of the many duties and responsibilities associated with being an agricultural landowner. Our team of experts acts professionally and prudently as good stewards of the resources carefully entrusted to them.

What are some scenarios that might create a need for our Farm & Ranch Management services?

  • Absentee landowners in need of assistance
  • Landowners who wish to travel or encounter unexpected health issues
  • Enabling families to retain ownership of land
  • Preserving the quality and value of family land
  • Relieving landowners of the burden of various business aspects of management
  • Assisting investors unfamiliar with farming/ranching
  • Preserving family harmony

In these situations, the Peoples Bank Trust Department can step in and provide comprehensive management of all these resources on behalf of the landowner(s), from initiating a working relationship with a tenant, arranging leases and negotiating terms, securing and maintaining crop insurance and farm liability insurance, maintaining all records, marketing landowner grain, maintaining liquidity for future production, paying taxes, providing year-end accounting and tax reporting, completing property inspections, and providing regular correspondence. In summary, we try to accommodate the needs of your farming operation to ensure that it is as successful and productive as it can be.

If you would like more information on our Farm & Ranch Management services, please contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.


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