Pay Your Friends, Relatives, and Vendors – Conveniently and Securely!

TPB Digital Banker makes it easy to move your funds – to your own accounts or to those you owe.  No stamps, no checks, and no trips to the post office.

Person 2 Person payments are an easy way to pay someone who has an account with a debit card attached.  This secure method of payment keeps all financial information safely and securely in the hands of the owner.

Bill Pay from The Peoples Bank is great for paying your bills.  Your financial information stays secure and you can schedule your bills in advance!  Bill Pay can also be used to pay individuals.

External Transfers are transfers between accounts that you own at The Peoples Bank and accounts that you own at other financial institutions. 

Person to Person (P2P)

P2P is only available upon request.  To enable P2P call your branch or send a message on the Digital Banker App.  There is a $1 per transaction fee for P2P Transfers.

Pay a friend or vendor quickly, easily, and with no need to touch checks, plastic, or even cash!

With P2P, paying someone with a debit card is as easy as knowing their phone number or email address.

  • Log in to TPB Digital Banker
  • Access Move Money on the left-hand blue menu.
  • Click New Transaction.
  • Click the account you’d like to pay from.
  • Click +Add New Payee.
  • Click Person to Person.
  • Follow the prompts.  (Select “Import From Contacts” if your payee is already in your cell phone contacts)

Your friend will receive a text message or email asking for their debit card number and expiration date.  (The transaction is automated, this information is never shared with you or anyone else.)

You are able to set a payment up immediately; however, there may be a delay with the first payment while your friend or vendor responds to the request for information.  Subsequent transactions to that friend will be quick.

To make additional transfers to confirmed friends:

  • Navigate back to the Move Money screen (Digital Banking, blue left-hand side menu).
  • Click New Transaction and choose the account the money will come from.
  • Choose the person you’d like to pay from the list of recipients.
  • Complete the form.
  • Submit.

Your friend will get a text or email informing them of your immediate payment.

See?  Quick, easy, and simple.

NEW!  INCLUDE AN EMOJI in the NOTE section of your P2P message.

Bill Pay

You’ll Be Amazed at How Convenient Bill Pay from The Peoples Bank Can Be

When your bills come in, enter them into your TPB Digital Banker, set the date the payment should occur, and you’re done.  No need to touch the invoice or email again and there’s no charge for TPB Bill Pay when you receive eStatments online.


External Transfer

TPB External Transfer can be used only between your checking or savings account at The Peoples Bank and checking or savings accounts that are owned by you at another financial institution. To use this special transfer mechanism you will first need to setup and verify the external account.

If you are signed into TPB Digital Banker through a web browser, you will need to navigate to the Move Money tab on the left side of the screen. From there, you should see My Payees on the bottom right. Click the ‘+’ sign in the My Payees banner and choose the External Transfer option to enter your banking information at another institution.

If you are signed in through the app, choose Transfers at the bottom of the screen. My Payees should be the top right option. Click the ‘+’ sign in the My payees banner and you will have the option to enter an External Transfer account and enter your banking information.

As part of the authentication process, you will receive three small ACH entries with net to $0 to the external account. You will be asked to enter those amounts in TPB Digital Banker to verify the external account. This initial verification process can take up to 5 business days before the account is available for transfer.

Transfers to or from established External Transfer accounts will be processed on the following business day, provided:
• The transfer is entered prior to the 4 PM daily cutoff time
• The transfer amount is below daily limits set for you by both the sending and receiving financial institutions

Contact your banker at 620-672-5611 for assistance in setting up External Transfers.

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