Express Deposit – Remote

Remote check deposit deviceWith this remote deposit capture product, a scanner located at your office is used to scan checks to deposit them. The scanner is provided with the service, and images of deposited checks can be viewed and downloaded for two years.

ACH Origination and Addenda Record Forwarding

ACH transactions are interbank electronic transfers of funds. Upload ACH transactions into the banking system via  ACH transactions are generally for a date in the future, but can be for the same day. Files can be created by your software or input into a template available in online banking.

Addenda records are files containing information related to an ACH transaction. Some accounts receivable software accepts addenda records for completely automatic posting of payments. We have options available to help you automate the posting of ACH transactions.

Express Deposit (Lockbox Processing)

Process deposits without staffing at your business. Lockbox processing is an arrangement where payments from your customers come to a Post Office Box. Daily, bank staff retrieves the payments and process the deposit.  We scan the checks and any enclosed documents to create a pdf file that is then sent to you via secure email.

Express Deposit with EZreceivables (Lockbox with A/R Posting)

Post customer payments with very little effort. No more keying customer payments when checks are accompanied by a payment coupon. Operate yourself, or combine with lockbox to make us responsible for processing your deposit. This software solution scans checks and payment coupons, and creates an electronic file that can be imported into your accounts receivable software for automatic posting of payments. Payments originated by customers using Bill Pay software will arrive via ACH and A/R posting file created and available for download. Customers utilizing their Bill Pay will have reduced lead time requirement to make their payment on time.

Free Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is convenient and it’s free. You can make your deposit when and where you want through our mobile app.

Merchant Processing

Credit card acceptance with funds subsequently credited to your bank account. Entire suite of processing products including point of sale stations, smart terminals, and mobile payments. We offer personalized service – we can help and you have telephone access to technical specialists. Web-hosted reporting allows you to monitor your business. No long-term contract or cancellation fees. Request a free cost analysis to see our competitive rates.


Cash Orders

Currency and coin to meet your business needs. Call ahead and we will have your order ready so you don’t have to wait.

Payroll Processing

Our staff uses information you provide to calculate payroll, pay your employees, and provide information for payroll tax filings.

Simplified Pricing

With simple pricing, The Peoples Bank helps you lower costs and maximize efficiency.

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